Speech Impairment Book

Speech Impairment Book
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Age: newborn to ten years old
Cover: Hardcover with personalized name in title
Number of pages: 16 full color
Dimensions: 8.5” X 7” landscape
Language Options: currently English only, other languages coming soon

Personalization: You will have the ability to personalize this book with the child’s name, a personal photo, dedication message, birthday, four different hobbies or interests, and the name of the condition. The last page of the book is left blank to add any additional information about the child that may not have been covered in the book such as medications, surgeries, directions on communicating, assistive technology or devices, the use of a cane or service dog, hobbies and activities, or talking points.

About This Book

This 16 page picture book is designed to bring about awareness and acceptance for children with a speech impairment. It is important for classmates and friends to understand how to communicate with a child that struggles with speaking. This book offers the opportunity for children to ask questions about this type of impairment and learn how to effectively communicate with their friend. Children with Apraxia, Dysarthria, Stuttering, and other speech impairments would benefit from this book.

How To Use This Book

Our books are designed to spread the message of acceptance, awareness, and kindness to all children.  Our readers should understand that people with special needs have both skills and challenges, but just like everyone else they want to be accepted, understood, and befriended. People with special needs might not look, act, or move the way that others expect, but with some patience and understanding, a friendship can be made. We are all more alike than we are different and we should all be treated with respect and kindness.

In the Home:
The benefits of reading to your child are endless.  Our books are designed to open a line of communication between the parent and their child.  By reading aloud to the child with the disability, condition, or syndrome, they can better understand the words that they can use with others.  Seeing their name in print is encouraging and inviting.  By reading aloud with a child without a disability, condition, or syndrome, you can help them understand the person with the special need.  It will open the lines of communication and assist in answering questions and learning about acceptance.

At School:
Our books are specifically designed for the child to take to school and share with his or her teacher and classmates.  These books will assist the teacher in learning about the child’s special need and also teach the classmates about child’s disability, condition, or syndrome.  It is recommended that a copy of the book stays at school so that classmates can read it multiple times and continue to learn about acceptance, respect, and kindness.  Our books open up a direct line of communication between the teacher and students.  They also create a safe environment for asking questions and getting answers.

With Caregivers and Friends:

Anyone that is in contact with a child with special needs should be exposed to the child’s personalized book.  Our books use a simplified language that gets to the heart of acceptance and understanding.  While the books are designed for young readers, all readers can benefit from exploring the book.

It is highly recommended that copies of your child’s book are kept at home, sent to school, and shared with anyone that may work with or come in contact with your child.  Park District programs, babysitters, camps, social workers, and therapists can all benefit from reading your child’s personalized story.

What Others Are Saying

“Due to my son’s speech impairment, he has a hard time speaking. Sometimes the other kids don’t talk to him because they are confused or not patient enough. This book teaches the other students how to be kind, patient, and not treat him any differently.” ~Kim M.