What is the ideal age for your books?

Our books appeal most to children ages newborn to ten years old, however everyone can benefit from reading our books.  We recently had an eighth grade, 14 year old who wanted a copy of our book on diabetes to share with his baseball team.  We recommend having a copy of your child’s book at home, at school, and for family members, friends, and caregivers.  Multiple copies of our books can be purchased at one time.

Who are these books for?

Simply put, everyone. There are different versions for children with any type of special ability. There is also a “Someone Makes a Friend” book which teaches children the importance of accepting and making friends with children who have disabilities. Our books can be used in the home, at school, in libraries, and shared with family and friends.

What makes these books different from other personalized books out there?

Customers are given the opportunity to personalize almost every single page. The child feels a sense of pride and importance as they see their picture, name, hobbies, interests, and even the name of their condition throughout the book. Something else that is unique that no other books has, is the last page of the book is blank so parents can add any additional information they would like to further personalize the book to meet their child’s needs.

How does this work?

The customer chooses from a series of templates from our homepage depending on who they are personalizing the book for. From there the steps are easy to understand and even easier to complete. When prompted, upload a picture, fill in the blanks, and have fun!

Can I put more than one child’s name in a book at a time?

Our books are unique in the sense they are personalized for one specific child. You can only enter one child’s name per book to better ensure the child receives the experience they deserve of having a book all about them, all to themselves.

Once I order a book, how long until I get it?

Within the United States, you should receive your book within 7-10 business days. For international shipments, the amount of days it will take to ship will vary.