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Child's Name is just like me and you.
Here are some things he/she likes to do.
Child's Name likes to Activity 1, Activity 2, and share.
he/she is someone special who will always care.

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Communicating through speech is not an easy thing to do.
It involves your lips, jaw, and your tongue too.
Your lungs are involved and even your brain.
Coordinating all these muscles can be quite a strain.

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When some kids talk it can sound mumbled, choppy, or slurred.
Sometimes you cannot understand each and every word.
Some kids have a hard time when the words get too long.
Some kids are just scared that they'll say something wrong.

The last page of the book is left blank for the parent to add any additional information about the child that may not have been covered in the book such as medications, surgeries, directions on communicating, hobbies or activities not mentioned in the story, or talking points.
Child's Name is
Someone Special to Meet!

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On Birthday, the world was full of smiles and cheers.
There was laughing, hugging, and happy tears.
Everyone celebrated the birth of
someone so special and sweet.
Child's Name is someone you just have to meet.

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Child's Name likes to Activity 3 and Activity 4 too.
What could Child's Name do with you?

There is something else about Child's Name to share.
It may seem exceptional, unusual, or rare.
Condition makes Child's Name
someone special and unique.
Just like everyone else, he/she is a friend you should seek.
Condition is a condition, special need, or syndrome to explore.
Let's read together to find out more.

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Sometimes when Child's Name talks he/she is difficult to understand.
The words in his/her head don't come out as planned.
Have some patience and remind Child's Name to take it slow.
Be an encouraging, caring friend and let your kindness show.

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Child's Name's ability to speak should not change the way he/she is viewed.
There is no reason to ever be mean or rude.
Child's Name likes to play, laugh, and be included too.
Make sure he/she gets an invitation to join the group with you.

Appropriate communication is not always easy to learn.
Be polite, use eye contact, and wait your turn.
Show interest in what Child's Name has to say.
Being a good listener can go a long way.
Don't interrupt Child's Name or try to finish his/her thought.
Use the respect and kindness you were taught.

We all speak differently,
that's just how it is.
Everyone needs to be respectful and accepting,
all adults and kids.
Treat people with kindness and love with your heart.
Do the thing that sets you apart.
Stand up for what is right, no bullies allowed here.
Let's all stick together and have a great year!

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Child's Name is
Someone Special to Meet!

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